2-Step Planning Process

When creating a perfectly planned life, it’s essential to use a system that not only fits into your lifestyle, but also something that is enjoyable for you to look at and utilize! Expressing yourself and being functional are two easy ways to implement a successful planning strategy! 🖤

We personally like a two-step process to planning:

1. Make a list of all the things you KNOW are upcoming within the next 4-6 months to include birthdays, service member’s OP-Tempo, sports practice, Vacation, Company/platoon events, base events, Dr. Appts, cookouts, etc

2. Add them to your planner using sticker icons and add the “notification” setting if you need a reminder. 🖤

This will enable you to have accounted for everything upcoming with the ability to augment and add things last minute! Being a good steward of our time is essential as a Military Spouse. 🖤

Happy Planning with the Organized Chaos app.

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