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The App

Hey y’all! So I have been asked to write about an amazing iPhone application, Organized Chaos. This app was designed by a military spouse and she has really made this a great tool for other military significant others.  

There are several sections to this app, including a Resources tab, a Calendar tab, a PCS Portal tab, a Countdown tab and a Checklist tab. There is so much you can get for such a small price.  

Main page



As a new military significant other, this has to be my favorite tab in the app. So much information to look through! She has included the Phonetic Alphabet that the military uses. The Good Links section includes different resources that military families and significant others can use to help them through this life. My favorites in this tab are the Ribbon Rack and the Rank Structure. I am terrible at remembering what P’s rank is, and what he is working toward. We also had to go to the NEX to get ribbons for his uniform, and I was just blown away with all the different ribbons and what he needs. In this tab, she has included all the different ribbons for each branch that they may need. I’m telling you; it is way better than googling. Plus, you can save it so that way you know what they already have and they way it should look. In the Resources tab is also a special Disney tab. I love this! There is a Disney vacation planner, getting a quote for the trip, what to pack, and so much more. There is no additional cost, and as someone who could easily spend over $100 per day at Disneyland, saving money is vital for our family.  


  • Month View
  • Daily Planner View- Customizable

I know we all have our favorite calendar apps. But are they customizable? Can all of them plan out 6 months in advance? Can you add a daily banner to track how much water you are drinking each day? Can you add virtual stickers to the day view of your calendar? With this calendar you can customize the background and on each “day view” you will see the background that you chose. When you add a task, which is just like adding a task with any other calendar app, however, she has included task icons that were made specifically for the application. When you look at the “day view” you are able to check off the tasks you have set for that day. I love that part! It is one thing to see everything you need to do, it’s another to be able to check it off and feel accomplished.  

PCS Portal: 

PCS Portal

Okay, I have not needed to use this yet because, we have only dated for 7 months and he has not gotten new orders in that time. However, this is going to be extremely helpful for when we do PCS. She has included 3 tabs within the section, “Furniture Documentation”, “Moving Itinerary”, and “Countdown”. I have heard horror stories of furniture, or boxes missing by the time the moving truck got to the next duty station. As someone who has moved a lot, I am so bad at keeping like items in the same box, and I am usually very vague when it comes to writing on the box what is in there. I still don’t remember half of what I own and where it is, so the “Furniture Documentation” tab will be vital for any potential cross country, or worldwide move. With the “Moving Itinerary” tab, you can add what you want to do while you are moving. For example, I would have entered “Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX” on Day 2 of the move. This way, it is all on the phone versus trying to remember where your family wants to visit during the trip.  


This tab can be for any general countdown. You can add a countdown for when school starts (or gets out), days until Christmas, Homecoming countdown, or days until a much needed vacation. Get your kiddos involved in this one. Find out what they are looking forward to the most and create a countdown. It is fun for them to see the progress and that the big day (whatever it is) is getting closer and closer. For me, I would use this tab for my “Dirty 30” birthday. See how many days I have left in my 20s! Plus, I would countdown until Christmas, for shopping, and when school is FINALLY back in session. You can add Emojis as well and make it unique to your tastes.  


In the checklist tab, there are several prepopulated checklists as well as a place to make custom lists that fit your needs. I will tell you right now, I am so not ready for a deployment. I have had practice of P being gone for training for weeks at a time, but a deployment?? That is 8-12 months (or longer depending on where your SO is going) or taking care of things on the home front. That means cars, bills, the house, the kid, everything. Is it impossible? Absolutely not. Will having some checklists to help get you better prepared a bad idea? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Like I said, I am new to this. P has done this before but without a partner, or SO, so he is new to this too. If I know what to look out for, I can better help, and he can feel confident that I will know what to do while he is deployed. There are “Pre-Deployment”, “Homecoming”, “PCS (United States)”, “General” and finally, “Custom Checklist”. The best part is that you can add whatever item you want to your calendar from this tab! So, say before P leaves we want to make sure the oil is changed in the cars. I can go to that one on the general checklist and select it, then edit the date and add a notification, and when you go to the calendar the item will pop up. It keeps you organized!  

Now, I must tell you that I own a Samsung and this app is not currently in the Google Play Store. If it was, I would have downloaded this a long time ago! I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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