Operations Management Tools for The New #MilspoBoss

Planning to start your own business? Or perhaps you already have your own business. This is a blog for you. Imagine how powerful we can be if we all collaborate and encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves. We want to provide you the very best resources on the internet to run your business as simple and clean, also as productive and profitable as possible. Isn’t that the point of having a business? 

Military spouse entrepreneurs are not as notable as Walmart or Nordstrom currently, but we are serving our country from the homefront and our military community with resources that help our military families during the craziness of every stage we may encounter on this military journey. 

We are busy too. We have families to care for, PCS’ to organize, deployments to go through, and some are also working full-time while “doing it all”. Sometimes we need a reminder of a doctor’s appointment or a reminder to start working on your goals. 

Organized Chaos got you. 

This set of resources will help you run your business like the Operations Management Maven that you are. These will allow you to get more done and cover different aspects of your business.

Project Management

Trello is the best way to gather with your team online. You can communicate your tasks and to-do list on their platform. Team of one? Trello is an easy to use, amazing project management tool to help you organize different projects in your business. Some of the things we use Trello for, here at OC: Onboarding clients, editorial calendar, rolling out new app updates, partnership outreach, product sponsorships, etc.

Asana is also a very good tool for entrepreneurs to start delegating and managing projects between team members. You are able to stay on track with your project goals and hit deadlines easier than ever. 

Customer Feedback

SurveyMonkey is the most known and effective system to gather customers’ feedback. Their ability to put pop-ups and feedback boxes on your pages facilitate your customers to put their responses and you are able to simplify your process of bringing better customer service, and finally drive more sales to your business.  


MailChimp is known for its ability to create amazing email campaigns and engagement features with your audience in a more private way. It allows you the ability to run automated campaign workflows, nurture campaigns, and audience segmentation. It also has classic newsletter features and landing page creation.

Later.com is an amazing tool to help you organize your posts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It is a free account with 30 posts to schedule and then it has to upgrade if wanted. Later.com is great if you do bulk writing or if you prefer to schedule different posts during the week at different times. 

Graphic Design

Canva is a free service-and has a premium option!- for stunning social media pictures, logo and general branding. Put your creativity to the test, as the possibilities are endless. It comes with thousands of stock images, fonts, graphics, icons, frames, etc. 

Adobe Spark Post is part of Adobe Creative. Adobe Spark Post has different features that help you create your brand color palettes and gives you templates from where you can select and create advertising for different social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc). The best feature of Adobe Spark is the ability to stay on one brand palette and brandify each post as you wish. 


Microsoft Excel– this powerful and never old app from Microsoft is the perfect and simplest tool for tracking expenses and making templates for work. Spreadsheets are the foundation of any good database. It is good for research and development, data and analytics, dynamic dashboards for visual display of information. Interested in powering up your Excel skills? Reach out and we’ll create a few tutorials.

Wunderlist. Calendar? To-do list? Personal or business Wunderlist can make help you stay organized. You can also share your calendars and tasks with your family or team members.  

These resources are mostly free or they offer free trials. These are proven to work under different businesses and therefore will work on your business or your dream. What are some of your favorite tools that empower you to be the #MilspoBoss that you are?

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