The Job Search Before and After a PCS

When you arrive at a new duty station, your comfort zone has completely changed. You may have had to give up your job, if you don’t have one that is “remote” or made prior arrangements. You probably had to leave your best friends, or maybe you had become so comfortable with your last duty station or hometown. The unknown of a new duty station can be daunting, your job search shouldn’t be.

We as spouses should have the tools and resources that allow us to move our careers with us and not give up on the efforts we’ve already put in for ourselves.

There should be a shift in focus from merely attaining a “job” to your long-term career goals.

Before applying to every job posting or try to negotiate working from home, ask yourself the following things:

  1. What is the focus of your career? Make sure that your career path is clear and you know what will be the perfect fit for you. Don’t be worried about being picky with your next job or the right job. You should establish your Individual Career Plan (MyICP), a great resource from Military One Source.
  2. What type of reward is more important to have? Money vs. Flexibility

So what’s next?

  1. If you currently have a job, consult with your boss. If your employer allows you the flexibility to move to a new office, or work remotely, you are good to go. Negotiation is KEY.
  2. If the first option was unsuccessful or perhaps you don’t have a job but want to get one at the new duty station, consider websites that support military spouses and start from there.
  3. Military Spouse Employment Partnerships
  5. Check Vista College blog about military spouse careers HERE!
  6. Check your military installation Employment Assistant through Military One Source and check the information of your next installation. Link is HERE
  7. Speak with a career coach. Military One Source provides EXCELLENT coaching for military spouses on the move. We 100% recommend calling and go through this process.
  8. Consider a job from home. provides a variety of Virtual Location jobs that enables you to work from any location you are in. Look HERE!

Should you go back to school if job opportunities are bleak?

Education for military spouses is very affordable. The myth that you can’t get an education because it is too expensive is no longer an excuse. One viable option to further your career aspirations is to further your education. Your service member won’t be in the military forever, so set your family up for success by expanding your knowledge if you are at a remote duty station.

So, here are some KEY POINTS on how to navigate into the education ocean and how you can have a successful career while your service-member is active duty.

  • Look for military-friendly colleges. You can find a list of online schools in the Guide to Online Schools
  • Scholarships: Search between these scholarships available on Military One Source; linked HERE
  • Explore the base for Educational Programs that help you find more options in your area.

Of note: The location of your duty station is the variable factor on this blog. Resources are many and are worth the trip to your installation Employment Readiness Program and Educational Center.

Libraries are also a good place to search. Remember that most of these resources are one-click away.


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