Surviving the Holidays Without your Service Member

Imagine this, you have a month until Thanksgiving and then the Holidays follow right after. You are starting to plan a small celebration just you and your spouse, it will be small but it will be fun just you two. The next day you get word that your spouse is deploying in three weeks and to get ready. The entire team at Organized Chaos knows this situation all too well, and it never gets easier. 

We’ve reached out to Milsos from all over the country from different branches to see the ways our community deals with being alone for the holidays. Here is a compiled list of tactics to survive the holidays: 

FaceTime/Video Calling. When it is the day of, face time during dinner or after. Time zones and WiFi can be a challenge but even a simple phone call at the end of the day can make the day easier for both of you.

It’s all Temporary. Another great way to cope with the distance is to think about how the situation is temporary and there will be other holidays you get to celebrate together. It is hard to be optimistic in times like these, but trying to be positive can change your day around.

Spoil Yourself .One of our favorite suggestions from another spouse was to make the day special for yourself regardless. Whether that is buying a dessert to eat by yourself or watching your favorite movie and taking a bath, spoil yourself, you deserve it. 

Going “Home”. If you are not into being alone for the holidays, an easy way to cheer up is to fly or drive home and be with your family. There’s nothing like being with family to cure holiday loneliness.

Friends-Giving. Maybe it is too late to travel or you don’t have the money to travel all the way home. Why not have a friends-giving with other spouses or families that cannot go home either. Everyone there can relate to what you are feeling, and company always helps. If your spouse is not far you could even travel to base (if allowed) for a few days and have dinner with them. That is an ideal situation but not as easy as it sounds. Wishful thinking never hurts!

Deferred Celebration. There is always the option to celebrate a holiday after the actual day as well. If you plan on flying to visit your spouse, tickets are cheaper and there are more available. If you cannot fly to visit then you can always celebrate the holiday by creating your own traditions together. Maybe now you celebrate Thanksgiving two weeks later by binge watching Christmas movies all day. Whatever you do to cope with not being with your spouse during the holidays is a great idea. 

We hope these ideas helped make the stress of a holiday alone a little better. Comment some ways that you get through the holidays without your spouse below. 

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