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"She is not one to sit back and let life happen, she is the spark that sets it on fire"

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Daily Mom Military

"Those who live the military lifestyle often joke that PCS does not stand for permanent change of station, but rather permanent change in sanity or probably chaotic somewhere. Enter the Organized Chaos app."


"Keep Murphy away with the Organized Chaos App"

GotUrSix TV

"Ashton Reagin, founder of the Organized Chaos app for Military Families, will join us to talk about her journey as a Military Spouse, finding a gap in the market and launching an app"

ArmyWife 101

"A military lifestyle app? Yes, please! Have you ever been caught up in the whirlwind of this unique military lifestyle only to wonder which end is up? "

MilHousing Nation 

"As military families, we are no stranger to the military throwing curve balls when it comes to PCSing. This weeks MilHousing Nation guest, Ashton Reagin, shares her tips on how you can have a successful PCS in 45 days."

What Users Are Saying About the App

"This app truly does organize the chaos that is the military way of life! It has awesome personalization abilities, as well as several reference items that make looking something up easy without having to open yet another app!"

"This is an overall lifestyle app that I can use in many ways with a perfect touch for the military"

"It's easy to use and has so many extras to help military spouses handle the military lifestyle with ease."

"Awesome app for military spouse and active duty members!"

"I am so used to having to carry around a calendar, event planner, etc and now I feel like this app has it all in one place!"

"Really able to personalize the way I want it"