Intralinks Pricing Plans

All questions that relate to the price of the purchase and further maintenance of virtual data rooms are the most popular with customers. No wonder – there is still a perception that quality software must necessarily be expensive. We are confident that this is fundamentally wrong and to convince you otherwise, we offer to learn a little more about pricing issues in the virtual data room market. Let’s start, perhaps, with an overview of Intralinks Pricing and the features that the developers of this virtual platform offer to their customers.

What affects the price of a virtual data room?

Before we proceed directly to examine the pricing plans that Intralinks providers offer their customers, we suggest learning a bit more about the factors that affect pricing. So, first of all, the price of a virtual data room is influenced by:

  1. The complexity of the development and functionality of the platform. The more options developers offer their customers in a virtual data room, the more complex the technology that is used in its algorithms, the higher the price of the software itself. However, this statement is not entirely true. Recently, we can observe a downward trend in the cost of technology, as most providers want to make it more accessible to their customers and thus attract a new audience.
  2. File storage size. Most virtual data room providers use space on cloud servers to organize file storage for their customers’ needs. Therefore, companies pay mostly for the use of this space, so the more space customers need, the higher the price. However, there is a way out of this situation, too – many providers provide minimal space in conjunction with software, and then customers only pay extra for the extra space.

Availability of additional services. When purchasing software for a virtual data room, customers often receive as a bonus additional services from providers – for example, further maintenance of this software or training of company personnel to work with the data room, or something else. Some providers provide such services as a package or for free, but there are cases where they are priced separately.

Despite the complexities in the formation of the cost of virtual data rooms in the market today you can find many decent options at a very affordable price.

What is the price of Intralinks dealspace?

A virtual data room from Intralinks is not considered one of the best on the market today for nothing. Its main advantages, in addition to its reliable and easy-to-use functionality, also include accessibility to a wide number of users. Providers offer their customers different tariff plans, the final cost of which is calculated individually for each. The minimum package price starts at $25 USD per month, which is not an exorbitant price. At the same time, for companies with a limited budget, cheaper packages are available that will fit into any budget.

If you want to buy really reliable and affordable software for your company, you should pay attention to Intralinks. More details about the pricing policy of the company can be obtained from the consultants.