iDeals Pricing Plans

Surely everyone who has ever dealt with business software has heard of iDeals Virtual Data Rooms. This virtual room is rightfully considered one of the best – its benefits are appreciated not only by users around the world, but also by numerous experts in the field of digital development for the business industry. But few people know that the advantages of iDeals also include its accessibility to a wide number of users. We suggest learning a little more about the features of iDeals pricing for everyone, which will convince you once again that this platform is the best solution for your business.

What pricing plans are offered by iDeals developers?

iDeals providers always try to meet their customers’ needs. This has also influenced the company pricing policy which is reflected in different pricing plans for basic products and services. Several basic packages are available for iDeals customers:

  1. Pro. This package includes basic services and software products of the company, as well as flexible cloud storage up to 10 GB and the ability to provide access to a virtual data room for an unlimited number of users.
  2. Business. This package of services from iDeals is considered one of the most popular. It can be used to manage an unlimited number of company projects, connect an unlimited number of users and use up to 250GB of file storage.
  3. Enterprise. This plan will be an ideal solution for large corporations that require a huge amount of storage for corporate files (up to 1TB) with an unlimited number of users.

The cost of each package is calculated individually for each client. Regardless of which package a particular user chooses, everyone is provided with options for maximum data protection by using the latest digital security certificates, two-step authentication for users, and electronic logging of each user’s actions.

A free trial version of the Virtual Data Room is also available to all customers, irrespective of their business scope and specifics, in order to evaluate and try out the platform’s functionality.

What iDeals features are available to users after purchasing the software?

Regardless of which plan you choose, all iDeals customers can take full advantage of the basic Virtual Data Room options, namely:

  • File storage for large amounts of information;
  • Options for planning your company according to your chosen development goals;
  • Tools for creating and editing corporate documents based on unique or standard templates in automatic mode;
  • System of multi-stage access to corporate files for registered users for maximum protection of confidential data;
  • Options for organizing the work process in remote mode.

Thanks to its advantages and flexible price policy, iDeals is considered one of the best virtual platforms on the market today. Its capabilities are ideal for companies operating in a wide range of industries, from law to industry and biotechnology. At the same time the quality of the product and service provider does not depend on the cost of the purchased tariff plan and remains invariably accessible to all customers.