SmartRoom Pricing Plans

The SmartRoom virtual data room consistently ranks among the best virtual data rooms year after year. Both the numerous user benefits from this platform’s providers and the available SmartRoom pricing plans targeting companies with different budgets contribute to this. Many users and experts highlight the fact that the combination of affordability and quality of service makes SmartRoom the best software product on the market today. What does the cost of services provided by providers of this virtual platform depend on and what benefits do clients get – we suggest you find out from our short review.

What is included in the cost of services from SmartRoom providers?

Like many other similar products on the market today, SmartRoom has a lot of useful options in its functionality. So when you purchase this virtual platform for your business, you get access to the following features of the platform:

  • The ability to work remotely in your virtual data room;
  • Safely send documents directly to your recipients using both email and directly from file storage;
  • Ability to upload large volumes of data in whole folders without having to preview each individual document;
  • Collect data on the results and performance of each employee and the company as a whole;
  • Create, edit, format, print and send documents without worrying about losing their confidential contents;
  • Integrate the capabilities of a virtual data room with the work of other office software products.

This is not the end of SmartRoom functionality for users. Moreover, according to the developers, all virtual data room services have one price, which makes this platform attractive not only for its unlimited possibilities but also for its affordability.

What do Smart Room app users get?

Unlike other virtual data room providers, the developers of SmartRoom also provide the opportunity to work on the virtual platform using a mobile app. Mobile applications give an opportunity to access the main tools of the virtual room from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night. At the same time there are no restrictions on the use of specific platform options – all of them will be equally accessible and work well no matter what device was used to log in to the virtual data room.

The cost of the SmartRoom mobile application is included in the service package from the provider that customers can choose. The exact cost is calculated for each client individually, so if you want to know the cost of the platform specifically for your company, we recommend contacting the providers directly and asking for details on the price of the platform, as well as the additional services you can get from the developers.

If you are not absolutely sure that SmartRoom is right for your company, you can use a free trial version. This way you can evaluate the features and convenience of the virtual data room functionality from a practical point of view and compare its capabilities to the requirements of your business. Such a move will help to avoid disappointment and confirm the arguments in favor of buying a virtual data room from SmartRoom.